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Ingo Maurer 'Fukushu' Table Lamp & Original Box, 1980 Germany

Ingo Maurer 'Fukushu' Table Lamp & Original Box, 1980 Germany

'My perception of light is so strong and distinctive, almost an obsession. This forces me to continuously play and experiment with the reflection and the art of light.' Ingo Maurer 

 A rare Minimalist halogen table lamp 'Fukushu' was created by famous German designer Ingo Maurer (1932-2019) in 1986 for Design M Ingo Maurer, Munich, Germany. 
Famous for his experimental and innovative approach to light design he was nicknamed 'poet of light'. 
'Fukushu' lamp is made of nickel-plated metal base, metal rods and 3 matte PVC Minimalist lamp shades. It has an original transformer (from 230V down to 24V AC). Height of the halogen light source is adjustable.
The light is controlled via TouchTronic-system and sensor dimmer. It's turned on by touching the right metal base and turned off by touching the left metal base. The metal rods are gently touched to DIM the lights to the preferred level.

Comes with all completed original box.


57 cm H, 34 cm W, 34 cm D.

    € 2.300,00Prijs
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